Sometimes lighting the scene from HDRI image only is not enough. We get blueish shade and shadows are not that crispy we would like to have.

In other rendering engines we can add mr Physical Sky to environment, to get more sharp light.

As you know using HDRI image together with mr Physical Sky in iRay wasn't possible.

Well, until now...

Modelling & Visualizations of shower cabins
Modelling & Visualization of Terrace Tiles
Shower Modelling & Visualizations

Farnsworth House by Winter

Here is Farnsworth House by Winter.

Merry Christmas!

For IKEA Swedwood we've made a visualizations of the production plant in Lubawa.

In addition to the aerial shots of production plant, we've also made illustrations of development stages.

We present our interpretation of architecutr icon Farnsworth House.

iRay Skin Shader Setup Download

Finally, after some time of setting up of the iRay Skin with iRay Material Shader I've got two of them for you to download.

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