Free HDRI Sky from Peter Guthrie

On the occasion of Christmas and New Year Peter Guthrie prepared a gift for all of us: a full-sized sky HDRI from his collection absolutelly Free.

iRay Skin Shader Setup Download

Finally, after some time of setting up of the iRay Skin with iRay Material Shader I've got two of them for you to download.

During cooperation with many customers I had to deal with the need of inserting people in our visualizations.

Because personally I don't like to do it by adding flat photos in post-production, the best solution was models offered by AXYZ Design.

iToo Software released new edition of Forest Pack Pro/Lite.

Take a look on iToo Site.

iRay Benchmark Scene

For everyone who wants to benchmark GPU cards with iRay I'm attaching ZIP-ed scene to test. It's original source is CGTalk Forum, but sometimes it's hard to find the files there ;)

As many users of 3ds Max iRay had time to figure out, the use of mr Physical Sky in iRay is slightly different from that to which we are accustomed to using Mental Ray.

These differences are painfull especially when you want to
separate control the colour of sun and sky in iRay.

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