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Finally, after some time of setting up of the iRay Skin with iRay Material Shader I've got two of them for you to download.

Some comments / How to use these files I've attached to download:   This is not new shader but it's a iRay Material Shader setup to act like human skin. (Thanks to adlf9kin for pointing this out). I've attached iRay Material Shader v1.2 for Max 2013 and v1.3 for Max 2014 in Download Section below this article. I've decided to attach two options of these, the name of .max in ZIP-ed file reflects the number of setup. Below are some sample renderings with these setups. Rendered with Max 2014 Design. The 3D model of woman is downloaded from AXYZ Design Site, it's free, and you can download it from here. Files from my site contains ONLY head, eyes (I've modified them to achieve correct results) and eyelashes objects (plus lights), so you have to merge rest of the woman from original AXYZ Design files. My file units are cm. Because iRay doesn't support Standard lights, I've recreated original lighting setup with mrPhotometric lights - which are in my files. Second ZIP-ed files contains my custom bitmaps only, because I had to make my own and/or modify original AXYZ Design files to achieve good results. All other, original bitmaps you have to download together with 3d woman model from AXYZ Design site. Make sure you've set correct path to bitmap files. The HDRI file is courtesy of These setups are not PERFECT. Please experiment with the settings and share your ideas ;)  

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  • kcpr raffaEl Hi Chris!

    Problem with downloading attachments is solved now.
    Please try again to download files.

    All best,
    środa, 11 listopad 2015 23:57 napisane przez kcpr raffaEl Raportuj Link do komentarza
  • chris Hello.

    I can't download any of the files. I have the cookies on.

    I am getting this message when I press the link: File does not exist.

    Your portfolio is really nice.
    piątek, 06 listopad 2015 13:36 napisane przez chris Raportuj Link do komentarza
  • raffaEl OK, I've resaved the files with MAX 2012 version. It's the file named: CWom0019-HD2-CS_kcpr-raffaEl_Shaders_2013-08-20_MAX_2012.rar, you can download it and try now ;) czwartek, 10 kwiecień 2014 14:57 napisane przez raffaEl Raportuj Link do komentarza
  • raffaEl It's in MAX 2014. I'll resave this scene for MAX 2013 and let you know ;) czwartek, 10 kwiecień 2014 00:42 napisane przez raffaEl Raportuj Link do komentarza
  • asda help, i can't open the scene with 3ds Max 2013 x64 :( niedziela, 06 kwiecień 2014 08:38 napisane przez asda Raportuj Link do komentarza
  • raffaEl This is not additional shader, but rather setup for iRay Material which you can download from nVidia website.

    I've added this shader in the Download Section of this Article, to make your life easier ;)
    wtorek, 01 październik 2013 23:49 napisane przez raffaEl Raportuj Link do komentarza
  • adlf9kin Hello!

    The first archive does not contain the shader dll itself - only scene files. Could you provide a shader download link?

    Thanks in advance!
    wtorek, 01 październik 2013 14:59 napisane przez adlf9kin Raportuj Link do komentarza
  • rich Wow!

    Thank you!

    This looks beautifull! I can't wait to try it by my own ;)
    wtorek, 20 sierpień 2013 20:02 napisane przez rich Raportuj Link do komentarza


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